Microsoft published yesterday announcement of Azure AD and Microsoft account overlap:

“Starting today, we’re blocking the ability to create a new personal Microsoft account using a work/school email address, when the email domain is configured in Azure AD”.

Have you seen this one before?



I have face this situation with customers many times and I’m glad to hear that this issue has been fixed or actually blocked. This change doesn’t affect to existing customers who are using work email as Microsoft liveID account. Anyway here is guidance how to change you Microsoft account.

Hopefully minimizes confusing user experiences with logins to cloud identity systems.

Microsoft recommendations (from the blog above):

If you’re an IT pro, do not bulk create personal Microsoft accounts for your employees. We’ve helped many customers through hard usability and security problems because they had done this. If you’re configuring Windows devices for your employees, you should take advantage of the self-service set up and automatic MDM enrollment we’ve built into Windows 10 using Azure AD.

If you’re an IT pro, don’t ask your employees to create personal Microsoft accounts with their work email address. It creates confusion about who owns the associated content and resources. We understand that there are still a few Microsoft services that require creating personal accounts with a work email address, and as mentioned above we’re working hard to address this and have short-term exceptions in place.

If you’re an end user who has created a personal Microsoft account using your work email at of convenience, please consider renaming you account.

If you’re an app developer, you should probably support both personal and work accounts from Microsoft