How to backup ADFS? What are the AV exclusions etc? Monitoring of ADFS? This information can be found from several following Microsoft pages.


How to backup ADFS instance


For ADFS 2.0


AV exclusions – Section from SQL & IIS (Depending ADFS version, W2012R2 doesn’t use IIS anymore)



Azure AD Connect Health – this tool sends monitoring data and events to the cloud where you can easily drill down to errors. By default AAD Connect data is sent to Azure AD and if you want ADFS or even ADDS data to Azure AD you need to install monitoring agents to corresponding servers.


Here you can find SCOM monitoring pack for Federation Services (still for version 2.0)



ADFS Diagnostics Module – very useful tool published by Microsoft ADFS team. I have been using this one myself a lot recently when troubleshooting mystic ADFS errors

ADFSHelp – Nw toolset published by Microsoft. I found this site last week and it contains awesome tools to troubleshoot authentication errors from ADFS. What you need to do is add RP to ADFS instance for WS-Federation and SAML-P. Site contains necessary powershell commands to perform all the tasks. When integrated you can start using the tool by providing ADFS instance URL and wanted authentication scenario

Current tools are


Fiddler – Old and faithful Fiddler, my favorite tool. With Fiddler you can capture network traffic and investigate issued claims etc.

Download Fiddler