Microsoft has officially published AD Replication Status tool (which have graphical user interface) finally! I actually have used repadmin for years but this is cool tool if you are familiar with UI than command prompt.

Tool is available for download from Microsoft download center

Tool is also supported by Microsoft ADREPLSTATUS Team.

More information:
– ADREPLSTATUS is a read-only tool and makes no changes to the configuration of, or objects in an Active Directory forest
– The ADRPLSTATUS tool is supported by the ADREPLSTATUS team at Microsoft. Administrators and support professionals who experience errors installing or executing ADREPLSTATUS may submit a “problem report” on the following web page:
– If the issue is known, the ADREPLSTATUS team will reply to this page with the status of the issue. The status field will be listed as “known issue”, “by design”, “investigating”, “In progress” or “resolved” with supporting text
– If a problem requires additional investigation, the ADREPLSTATUS team will contact you at the email address provided in your problem report submission
– ETA for problem resolution will depend on team workload, problem complexity and root cause. Code defects within the ADREPLSTATUS tool can typically be resolved more quickly. Tool failures due to external root causes will take longer unless a work-around can be found
– The ADREPLSTATUS team cannot and will not resolve AD replication errors identified by the ADREPLSTATUS tool. Contact your support provider, including Microsoft support for assistance as required. You may also submit and research replication errors on: